Unforgettable Beach Holidays in Italy

The unique Italy, the top cultural and sightseeing destinations in the world, has thousands of kilometres of beautiful coastline and beaches for the perfect relaxing beach holiday.

If you are looking for some of the best beach holidays in Europe, you cannot beat Italian flair, fervour and downright exuberance.Italy has thousands of kilometres of beautiful coastline and beaches for the perfect relaxing beach holiday. The Italian peninsula is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea and Ligurian Sea, each bringing infinite possibilities in which you can find the perfect choice for an unforgettable holiday. With blue waters, sandy coastlines, steep cliffs, coves, bays and islands, the beaches of Italy are a true paradise. Some of the more popular beach resorts in Italy are located in the region of Liguria on the Italian Riviera, or around the Adriatic and Amalfi coasts.For indulgence and lazy days on the beach, together with nights sampling top quality locally-produced Italian food and wine, a beach holiday in Italy is the perfect choice. Enjoy golden beaches, sparkling seas, beautiful countryside, exciting cities and great cuisine on family beach holidays in Italy.

Whether you are looking for an activity based holiday or one full of cultural pursuits, let our experience and insider knowledge help you tailor the ideal Italy family holiday. And of course, holidays to Italy can offer fantastic coastal escapes too. Head to the rugged Amalfi Coast for spectacular scenery, or enjoy the pretty seaside towns and beautiful beaches of the Neapolitan Riviera. You could also enjoy an island escape by heading to the lovely islands of Sardinia or Sicily. In Sicily, don’t miss your chance to visit the volcanic peak of Mt Etna – a smouldering beast with a violent past, the largest of Italy’s three active volcanoes.

Holiday Beach Destinations in Italy

Explore the list compiled with beautiful coastline destinations to live happiest beach holidays

Beach holiday in Sardinia

Holiday at Sardinia Beach

Italian Riviera Beach – Spend Memorable Holidays

Join the glitterati, the rich and famous, and the not so rich and famous on the stunning Italian Riviera. The Maritime Alps tower over this strip of coastline that lies between The French Cote d’Azure and Tuscany; making it one of the most delightful coastal areas in Italy. The flowers, the sea and the mountains take on bright hues due to the extraordinary quality of the light. The area has always attracted writers and artists including Ernest Hemingway.

Beach holiday in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is known for its long coast beaches, rolling hills, great wine and classic Italian culture. Tuscany has beach scenes with sandy white shores and quaint seaside villages which are perfect for beach holiday in italy. In western Tuscany, Maremma has a booming cowboy culture as well as almost 100 miles of coastline overlooking crystal clear water. Castiglione della Pescaia is an affordable beach town with plenty of water sports including sailing and windsurfing. The best scuba diving can be found further south in Monte Argentario’s coves and bays.

Beach holidays to Sicily

Our first Italian beach destination takes us to the heel of Italy – otherwise known as the island of Sicily. The resort of Mortelle in the north east boasts a beach that is considered to be the best in the area. Used by locals from the nearby city of Messini to escape the city heat, there is a range of good sandy beaches throughout the island though. The area is ideal for people who want a quieter and less formal beach holiday.

Beach holiday in Sardinia, Italy

Rimini Beach Holidays in Italy

Rimini Beach Holidays

Blessed with almost 2000km of coastline, the island of Sardinia offers soaring cliffs and rugged shorelines, flower-strewn hillsides, ancient archaeological ruins and charismatic medieval towns that are just a short hop away from mainland Italy.  Sardinia offers the perfect destination for a beach holiday and romantic getaway in the Mediterranean. Discover a huge range of magnificent beaches ringing the island and a choice of exclusive holiday resorts along the magnificent Costa Smeralda and at the popular resort city of Alghero, which features narrow winding medieval streets and a 5km-long golden-sand beach.

Beach holidays to Naples

A short hop north across the peninsula brings you to the Bay of Naples. Naples, the capital city of the Campania region, is a bustling city and the third largest in Italy. From Naples it is a short ferry ride to the beach resorts located on some of the small islands in the bay. Famed as a marriage destination due to its beautiful scenery and beaches, the island of Ischia, although volcanic and mountainous, possesses 20 miles of stunning beaches fronted by some fantastic tourist resorts.

Amalfi beach holiday in Italy

Explore one of the most beguiling and breathtaking coastal resorts in the Mediterranean – a scenic coastline of sheer cliffs and rocky promontories layered with paster-coloured villages, vineyards and olive and lemon groves. With its huge choice of luxury hotels, stylish boutiques, lively bars and fine-dining restaurants, the Amalfi Coast is the perfect destination for a beach holiday in Italy.

Beach holidays in Rimini

We could not leave Italy without mentioning the lively resort of Rimini. Said to be the largest holiday resort in Europe, bathing facilities along the 15kms of sandy beach are highly rated. The sparkling Adriatic Sea is clean and beautifully clear. The beaches are fronted by bustling bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Attracting a young crowd, the sea conditions near Rimini are fairly consistent in their brilliance for surfing.

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