List Of Best Places to Go on Holiday in July Month 2015

July is a great time to take off to holiday spots across the world. Many towns host fiestas and parades during this time of the year while others showcase perennial natural or historic attractions.

July marks the beginning of the summer holidays, as well as a sharp increase in temperature across the globe and an increased need for easy swimming pool access to cool off. July signals the beginning of Bermuda’s warm season during which fortunate visitors can enjoy pink sand beaches, largely clear skies and warm seas, ideal for diving and snorkelling. This British overseas territory provides a familiar culture and yet an exotic ambience – the perfect combination for a holiday to celebrate your special occasion. Mentioned below are the top 6 destinations in Asia in July to enjoy nature, rain and have a great travel experience and that too with lots of saving.

Top 6 Holiday Destinations In July:

Best Holiday Destinations In July

Best Holiday Destinations In July


Without question, the warmest and sunniest destinations in the Med during July lie to the east, meaning that places such as Cyprus and Turkey should be high on your list when deciding where to go on holiday in July. Both easily accessible, and truly hot and sunny, Turkey in particular is a fantastic holiday destinations for all, with something for everyone along its southwest coast. Also known as the Turkish Riviera, or Turquoise Coast due to its delectable waters, it benefits from long and sunny days with impressively hot temperatures, making it the perfect beach holiday destination.

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Every year this time, Santiago de Cuba hosts one of the most popular festivals of Latin America. Also known as Rumbon Santiaguero which means ‘Big Santiago Rumba’, the Santiago de Cuba carnival is perhaps the most emblematic celebration of Cuba. The biggest draws of the carnival are music concerts, street shows and art exhibits. During this time, the Trocha Avenue is turned into the heart of festivities with stages for music bands to perform as well as food and drinks stands while the Garzon Avenue is chosen as the site of parades which involves hundreds of performers dressed in colorful costumes as well as elaborate tableaus. Carnival Poster Contest and the Street Decoration Contest are other highlights of the Santiago de Cuba festival.


Sitting midway between the east and west coasts of the Mediterranean, Malta is 500 miles closer to the UK than Turkey, so it’s that much quicker to get there. The weather in Malta in July is somewhere between the heat of the eastern Med and the cooler conditions further west, where the cooling influence of the Atlantic Ocean is more evident.

It’s still hot with high heat and humidity, but perhaps without the searing temperatures of more eastern locations. Onshore, afternoon breezes help to keep it cool, offering a welcome breath of air. With bright, sunny days and balmy sea temperatures, Malta is a great option for those after a good dose of sunshine, so make sure you consider this vibrant island country when deciding where to go on holiday in July.

The Canary Islands, Spain

If you fancy something with temperatures lower than the Algarve, your next best bet for where to go on holiday in July is the Canary Islands. Much loved due to year-round sunshine, they offer warm weather in summer, but can’t quite compete with those destinations further east that have long days of unbroken sunshine and scorching temperatures.

High temperatures aren’t for everyone, which is why the Canary Islands make a great alternative for those who like it a little bit cooler. The position of the islands in the Atlantic Ocean ensures daytime temperatures in July are comfortable, while heat and humidity is only low to moderate, making it a delightfully pleasant holiday destination.

The Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands, Spain

Novgorod, Russia

Make use of the summer to visit one of the largest and most fascinating countries on the planet, Russia. While cities like Moscow and St Petersburg form the core of Russian tourism, other places like medieval city of Veliky Novgorod also attract visitors for their historical value. Novgorod lies along the Volkhov River and is famous for its medieval architecture, the best known example of which is perhaps the St Sophia Cathedral. Dating back to the eleventh century, St Sophia’s Cathedral is famous as one of the first buildings to exhibit certain architectural features which came to be identified as typically Russian – like the use of five domed cupolas and the austere walls. Other significant details include its famed bronze gates in the west entrance as well as its frescoes, originally painted in the twelfth century. Today it is regarded as one of the best-preserved medieval structures and one of the oldest Russian building that is still in use.

California, USA

If it’s an abundance of sunshine in a far flung destination you’re after, then California should also be a consideration when deciding where to go on holiday in July. Much of the golden state has a Mediterranean-style climate. There is, however, one significant difference in the shape of the mighty Pacific Ocean, which is as much as 10°C colder than the Mediterranean Sea, making coastal areas quite cool, especially north of Santa Barbara.

In terms of the sort of weather you can expect in July along the Californian coast, Los Angeles is much like the Algarve at the same time of year, while San Francisco is more like the south of England, only with more sunshine.

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