Best Vacation Spots and Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Bali

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A very popular tourist destination, the island of Bali promises a great holiday and rejuvenation trip for all. The island of Bali has been a popular vacation spot for many years, but most tourists stick to the beach resorts of Kuta and Sanur and rarely explore more than what the standard day trips of temples and markets have to offer. Bali is a small island and pretty much any point is reachable within a few hours drive so there’s really no excuse not to get off the beaten path and see some amazing sights away from the usual tourist trail. Bali is famous as a beautiful tourist attractions. Many amazing attractions that you can enjoy in Bali. Stunning tropical beaches, ancient temples and palaces is and exotic melting pot of cultures and peoples. Insight on following listed attractions and vacation places in bali, are:

Bali Scuba

Top tourist attractions in indonesia

Barong dance attraction

Bali Scuba offer the ideal way to enjoy the crystal clear waters surrounding the island. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never dived before or you are an old hand – there is something for everyone. You can choose to take a beginners, advanced or even instructor course. The beginners tour doesn’t get you a certification but you will dive. If you wish to become a certified scuba diver, Bali Scuba advise you to study the theory online before your vacation.

Mount Batur

Mount Batur (Kintamani) is about 1,717m above sea level, which is the second largest active volcano in Bali. Smoke can still be seen blowing out of this peak. This mountain has a beautiful crater lake flowing through. Because of the scenic value, it is quite popular among visiting tourists. There are restaurants set up here offering a sumptuous meal and breathtaking view of the mountain.

Sangeh Monkey Forest

The monkey forest in Ubud is more famous but unless you get there early in the morning you may well find yourself fighting through bus-loads of tourists all desperate to take the same pictures of the cute little monkeys.

Bali Treetop

Bali Treetop is an adventure tour that throws up various challenges. Tourists can admire the Keidahan forest and lake from the tree tops while swaying from one tree to the other using pulleys. This adventure game is a good challenge for adults and children to experience an adrenalin rush.

Tourist Attractions in Bali

Pura Besakih temple

Barong Dance – Village of Batubulan

Also in southern Bali, but on the opposite, southeastern coast, you can come across another exclusive attraction to visit – the village of Batubulan. The area enjoyed a reputation as an art community, which offers a wealth of unforgettable moments. The Barong dance is one of the most famous art events within the area, while the picturesque streets of the village are dotted by a variety of art workshops, idol and dance arts. A bus station at Batubulan is one of the most tempting ways to begin the exploration of the cultural legacy of these lands, while you may need a solid memory card on your camera as well.

Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park (Taman Burung), 12km from Denpasar, features walk-through avaries with over 1000 birds, some of which will alight on your arms and shoulders.


Bedugul Bali, is one option tourist attraction in Bali as well. This tourism object is located in the district of Tabanan and is famous for its lakes and restaurannya. Temperatures in Bedugul much cooler than other resorts in Bali, with temperatures about 18 degrees Celsius, will surely give its own ambience during a holiday in Bali. Bali’s tourist attractions are similar to those offered diKintamani. Bedugul is famous for the beauty of the lake Tamblingan and you are able to enjoy its beauty by renting a speedboat or a canoe to get around the lake.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk is a free scenic nature trail in Ubud that lets you enjoy the cool fresh air among some of the most gorgeous hillsides in the region.

Pura Besakih

Best Vacation Spots in bali

Legian Beach vacations

Perched on Mount Agung, the most revered mountain in Bali, Pura Besakih is the biggest and holiest of all Balinese temples. There are literally thousands of temples to discover, in this wondrous land, but Pura Besakih, commonly known as the mother temple of Bali, is not to be missed. Over a thousand years old, the Pura Besakih temple features about 30 beautifully designed temples, dedicated to various Hindu gods.

Legian Beach

Legian Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Bali, the Legian beach is a favourite spot for those looking to shop, swim, or relax in a spa. Legian also has many budget hotels that offer tourists accommodation at very reasonable rates. Many of Bali’s fashionable hotels, bars and lounges are also located in this region, making this an ideal place to visit or stay.

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