Best Summer Vacation Spots of 2015: Where You Should Stay

These travel tips will help ensure your family summer vacation, couples trip, or girlfriends getaway goes smoothly.

Now that summer’s here, you’re probably planning some outdoor fun for yourself and your canine companion. Spending your days outside together, whether you’re sticking close to home or going on a two-week camping trip, is a fantastic way to strengthen your bond and keep the both of you fit and healthy.

The choice of holiday spots need not be limited to few beaches and amusement parks, which do not offer anything new. There are many such places that are ideal for summer vacations and which can fit the budget constraints.

Best Summer Vacation Spots:

Best Summer Vacation Spots of 2015Best Summer Vacation Spots of 2015

Best Summer Vacation Spots of 2015


Take a flight to the scenic and spectacular scenery of Azore islands of Lisbon. Surrounded by a volcanic landscape it is ripe for a retreat to relaxation. São Miguel is the largest and most populated coral land in these islands. Glistening lakes, sandy beaches and lush mountains of this coral island are attractions never to be forgotten.

Tybee Island, GA

Less than 20 miles away from Savannah, Tybee Island is historically known for being the site of an important port during the Spanish-American war. The small island attracts tourists from all over with its extraordinary history, museum attractions, and beautiful beaches. Every year, the island holds its annual Beach Bum parade, where onlookers spray each other with water guns in an effort to stay cool in the Southern heat.


Bermuda is an Atlantic getaway to enjoy the warmth of summer on pink-sand beaches. The beauty of Bermuda reaches its prime when the weather remains shinning from June to September. The beaches witness the sight of men wearing Bermuda shorts and swaying in the mood of holiday humor. Ultra luxury is an icon of the island.

Jackson Hole

Located at the entrance of Yellowstone National Parks and Grand Teton, Jackson Hole is frequented by tourists to breathe into the air of its wide-open spaces. Reputation of this resort town rests on its being known as a multidisciplinary center for art and culture. You can enjoy yourself riding horse at National Elk Refuge.


There are beaches, adventure activities, amusement parks for families, and many more things to do. The island of Hawaii has the best beaches. The sand of this beach has different colors ranging from olive green to white. This feature also differentiates it from other beaches in the vicinity. The Maui, Oahu, and Kauai are the other important shores which have many beaches.


Juneau, the capital city of Alaska offers a mish-mash of soothing natural scenery, elegant cultural heritage and thrilling outdoor adventures. Juneau is a hub of Victorian houses that are flamboyant with colors and ostentatious with lights. The temperate forest, glistening glaciers, daring mountain peaks and beaches full of marine life steal the show at the ripe time of summer.

Bucks County

Bucks County in Pennsylvania is ideal for you if walking through covered bridges and visiting antique shops are your way of spending a summer weekend. Outdoor activities on the warm sandy beaches are a source of umpteen pleasures. The beaches are lined with restaurants and pubs that offer fun and fancy, rejoice and revelry.

Juneau Alaska Adventure

Juneau Alaska Adventure

Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island in the northernmost landmass of Nova Scotia overflows with abundance of rural charms in its scenery, history and wildlife as well. The beauty of the island blooms and manifests itself in colorful artifices of nature with the advent of summer. Trekking, swimming, camping out and viewing whales are some of the attraction that the island has in store for you.


The Ojai Valley in the south of California teems with a collection of spirituality and spa centers. A mind-blowing Mediterranean climate prevails over the valley when it sways in the swing of summer. A walk through the fragrant citrus groves is a rejuvenating experience in the lap of the valley.

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