Best California Beaches for Summer Vacations

Visiting beautiful California beaches always offers you a joyful & refreshing experience of entertaining summer holidays.

Are looking to spent beaches vacations to enjoy natural beauty of fantastic attractions of coastlines, go best beaches of california. Whenever we think of California beach vacations, we picture sand, clean water and lodging so close you can run to build a sand castle without getting in a car. The state has numerous miles of shoreline you’d think Californians would be dizzy considering where to spend their vacations, but in fact, a lot of the coast is rocky, lined with precipitous cliffs or in the middle of a city. Surfing, swimming and sunbathing are imaginative glimpses of carefree life on the beautiful California beaches during summer vacations. The west coast has a few of the largest, most beautiful and eventful beaches available. There is no shortage of fun and entertainment on California beaches with many popular ones to choose from. California has over 1,000 miles of beaches as well as over 100 beach cities. Many of these beaches have vacation rental homes and cabins that provide families plenty of space for all those sand buckets, beach balls and inflatable toys which are certain to accompany them. There are still plenty of places to go for your California beach vacations, though. These are some of the best spots for a California Beach summer Vacation, from north to south.

Check out below mentioned best beaches of California for summer vacations:-

Best California Beaches for Summer Vacations


For more than a hundred years, Coronado’s beaches have already been its fortune, namely the seaside before the glamorous Hotel Del Coronado open since 1888. For non-hotel guests, the primary beach, Coronado Central Beach, stretches 1.5 miles behind the fantastic houses along Ocean Boulevard. Swimmers, bodysurfers, boogie boarders, sand sculptors, tide poolers and, from December through February, whale watchers all use to the sand and sea. North Beach attracts surfers each morning, and also at the extreme north is Dog Beach, where leashless canines can frolic within the surf. Visit this best california beach during summer vacations.

Huntington Pier

Do you think that how amazing this best beach of california for summer vacation. Situated in Orange County, this beach has a great surfing scene with bike paths, skating trails and the body-boarding. There is something for all entertainment preferences and is also very conducive to families and surfers. In addition to the beach culture there, you can also take surfing lessons at nearby Bolsa Chica, where there are many surfing schools and many opportunities.

San Diego

Best beaches of california

Venice Beach, California

It might so delightful for to spent summer vacations about this best california beach. and bays dot the coast of California’s second-largest city. Top-rated, family-friendly Coronado Beach is placed among turn-of-the-century mansions. Other gorgeous sandy spots include Blacks Beach, where sunbathers go au naturel, and La Jolla Shores, popular for snorkeling and kayaking.

Newport Beach

Trendsetters, jet-setters, and beach lovers within the know have already been benefiting from Newport Beach’s coastal charms for many years. There’s the ritzy harbor most folks will simply dream about docking a yacht in; beachside “bungalows” worth many, millions; a shopping district so chic, Rodeo Drive looks discounted; and, oh yes, an utterly magnificent stretch of beach. This wide bed of sand, silky and blonde, rolls south from Newport Pier to Balboa Pier, and plays host to diehard surfers, serious sunbathers, trendy 20-somethings and families. Sitting with a weathered pier, gazing past wooden lifeguard stands toward a fiery sunset, one can’t help but wax nostalgic for several days when Beach Boys records and long boards were very popular.

Pismo Beach

Pismo is rapidly becoming the most popular California beach town. There’s plenty of sand here – sand to experience on, drive on and zip around in for those who have an off-road vehicle. The charming downtown faces a good little pier and you can aquire a great basket of fish and chips or a cupful of clam chowder.

Sonoma Coast Beaches

Go to this natural splendor beach of california in summer vacation to get relax. The beaches from the Sonoma Coast look like something out of a magazine! The white sand and clean water looks incredibly inviting and the area doesn’t lack for tourists or beach lovers. There are many attractions towards the beach, however the best known attraction is the waves that surfers love to challenge. The waves are a big hit, but surfers and swimmers should know about “sleeper waves” that can rise and fall unexpectedly, causing danger. The beach attracts more than 300 bird species each year, many of which are indigenous to the area.

Santa Monica

There’s never a shortage of seaside fun at Santa Monica Pier where the beach meets the boardwalk inside a festive display of theme park rides, aquarium wonders and festival food. It’s liberated to stroll the historic boardwalk and peruse the goods, and even though you don’t choose thrill rides, there’s no charge for your show-stopping sunset at the end of every day.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is referred to as having an entertaining and lively boardwalk scene and attracting quirky characters! This is a a part of what makes Venice Beach very popular and among the 10 best California beaches known. You will find artists, outdoor bodybuilders, roller skaters and belly dancers near and also on the beach, entertaining the tourists. The busiest time for the beach is usually in the summertime and on warm, weekday afternoons.

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