2013 Christmas Holiday Romantic Getaways As Surprising Gifts For Boyfriend

Christmas holiday may be an extremely magical time to celebrate with your boyfriend. So choose these romantic Christmas getaways or destinations that would surely be of interest or excitement to you.

Friends! As you know that Christmas is coming near day by day. It’s going to soon be Christmas and everyone is busy planning their holiday already. Hey girls ! Christmas can be an extremely magical time as the holiday to celebrate with your boyfriend. Christmas getaways for couples can be less expensive than you might think—many popular vacation spots are nearly deserted at Christmastime, making them less crowded and less expensive. So girls should choose some romantic getaway to spent some loving moment or romantic time with your boyfriend. Girls can suggest some best Christmas holiday destinations to boyfriend a surprising gifts idea for boyfriend.

If you tired searching for some exceptionally exciting romantic Christmas vacations? Don’t worry! Some of the very best vacation ideas. These romantic Christmas getaways or destinations would surely be of interest to you. Have a look-

Romantic Vacation Ideas in Texas

Christmas Surprising Gifts For Boyfriend

Christmas Vacation Getaways

Take your boyfriend to Texas that offers you lots of romantic vacation getaways and amazing things to do as surprising gifts for boyfriend. The second largest state in U.S., Texas offers you romantic dining, events and locations in every part of the state, from major cities like Houston and Austin to smaller cities such as Galveston and Corpus Christi. If you’re looking to spend romantic vacation time with someone surprising, there are plenty of beautiful vacation spots that offer romantic things to do, Texas-style. Located on the coastal island of Galveston, Texas, Grace Manor, built in 1905 is a bed and breakfast teeming with romantic possibilities. Lake Austin Spa Resort offers couples a luxury spa experience. Located in Austin, the spa is in a large lake house overlooking Lake Austin. The Premiere Garden Cabins are perfect for couples seeking privacy and include a whirlpool bathtub, outdoor hot tub and fireplace.


When evaluating Christmas getaways for your boyfriend birthday as surprising gifts ideas, you can’t forget to consider the most romantic city in the world: Paris, the “City of Light.” You can trade Santa Claus for Père Noël! At this time of year, the temperature is a bit colder than some of the other places on this list, but it is generally above freezing , making it far more comfortable in winter than New York or Chicago. Paris is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the city is justly renowned for its cuisine.

Canary Islands- Romantic place of couples

The glorious coastline, Spain’s Canary Islands have an abundance of inviting sandy beaches waiting just for you and your boyfriend to spent romantic Christmas holiday time that may be surprising gift for boyfriend birthday. Say farewell to your seasonal depression and hello to boundless sunshine and picture postcard vistas. Unwind by the water with a taste of one of the unique wines indigenous to the region, or for visitors with a thirst for adventure, check out the islands’ imposing volcanoes. The warm weather and hospitality will make you forget all about the Canadian chill back home.It is best romantic getaway or Christmas holiday destination as surprising gift
idea for your boyfriend.

New York Christmas Weekend Getaways for couples

Take your partner on a weekend trip to New York City during the Christmas season. You can choose to focus on the excitement of the season, or choose a getaway from holiday stress that includes a luxury hotel stay and spa package. A veritable sack full of holiday entertainment, shopping and free events will help amplify your Christmas cheer. If you and your partner are holidayed out, New York can also be a haven to recharge, relax and be pampered.

The wine country California – Los Angeles

California is called wine country. So it may be best Christmas holiday destination or romantic getaways as surprising gift for your boyfriend to spent sweet moments of wine taste. Native Californians are said to have been a minority since the gold rush and Los Angeles, being a mecca for show-business hopefuls, is a city of transplanted people. What this means is that the city empties out at Christmastime. It is still a giant metropolis, so all its amenities—the restaurants, the tourist attractions, etc.—are still open, but the city’s infamous traffic disappears for a few days. It becomes easy to get a table at any restaurant or a seat in any theater. For these reasons, L.A. residents who do not travel for the holidays often say Christmas is their favourite time of year.

Rome, Italy

Heading to Rome during the Christmas season is a great way to see the city with a smaller portion of the tourist population around: that’s not to say that the city is quiet. On the contrary, Rome is alive with general Buon Natale Christmas festivities.So take him to this Christmas holiday destination or romantic getaway that may be surprising gift for boyfriend.

The Mexican Riviera

The west coast of Mexico is informally known as the Mexican Riviera because so many cities there—about twenty of them—are so popular among travelers. The weather is always warm, the people are friendly, and a dollar goes a long way. Inexpensive vacation rentals can easily be found in Jalisco and Guerrero, among other places. These vacation rental homes are a great way to get the most privacy and space for your money, often for less than you’d pay for a hotel. As such, the Mexican Riviera is an excellent choice for Christmas getaways for couples.

Indian romantic getaways

India is indeed the perfect country for you to plan an amazing romantic vacation. This country hosts many winter vacation destinations, and they’re renown too. The state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is home to the world-famous city of Ladakh is indeed a paradise on earth. All the major cities of India, however urbanized, still have a variety of sites and places to visit and relax in. Apart from the destinations, music and dance would also take your breath away. Some other states in India, such as Rajasthan and Kerala are popular global destinations. Christmas in India is celebrated on a large scale, so don’t worry about missing the celebrations here. Indian travel is truly an incredible experience as you get to see the Himalayan mountains, the deserts of Rajasthan, the plains of Maharashtra, the beaches of Goa and the beautiful hills of Assam. Together, these make some good winter vacations for couples Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/romantic-christmas-vacations.html

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